Business Career Transitioning Seminar

Offered to transitioning Officers and E-6 & above from all services (to include SNCO’s, CPO’s and First Class Petty Officers, spouses and retirees) who are exploring entering business careers.  It is held at Pacific Views Event Center, Camp Pendleton, California

2018 Seminar Dates:
February 12 – 15, 2018
May 14 – 17, 2018
September 17 – 20, 2018

2019 Dates will be announced soon.

To register go to:

All transitioning military Officers and Staff NCOs (E-6 & above, to include SNCO’s, CPO’s and First Class Petty Officers and spouses) who are transitioning into the private sector are urged to register for the Business Career Transitioning Seminar to learn the employment skills to succeed in civilian business… a world far different from military culture. It is sponsored by MEA-West and your MCCSCP each February, May and September. Below it the link to register for the upcoming seminar.  The seminar is open to members of all military services.

In the Business Career Transitioning Seminar you will learn all about how to be successful in civilian business. You will learn its organization, unique language, the modern business culture, contemporary perceptions of military personnel, business profit goals and its unique metrics, job success tools, your new challenges, civilian business expectations… and how to “fit in”.  This is your preparation for a more successful career transition. It is taught at the graduate school level by experienced senior business executives.

Our course helps you understand how your unique military skills translate into civilian business roles. It helps bridge the gap between what career veterans offer and how businesses perceive your marketable skills. It is short on theory and long on practical business applications. We focus on what business is, and how you can adapt to succeed in it.

This course is unlike any other offered. We provide the knowledge tools to help you succeed in business. While we do not do resume creation, we do prepare you for better interviews and better first-job success. There is no cost to participate since the course is taught by volunteer senior business executives in appreciation for your sacrifices.

Attire is business casual. Spouses are encouraged.