Business Career Transitioning Seminars are all about cutting through the fog of civilian business… to help you understand its unique language, the modern business culture, contemporary perceptions of military personnel, goals, its metrics, up-to-date job success tools, and civilian business expectations. It is taught at the graduate school level by very qualified and carefully selected business executive facilitators.

Our goals are twofold:
(1) better job interviews
(2) more successful civilian career transitions.

Business Career Transitioning Seminar teaches transitioning and retired career military Officers and E-6 & above (to include SNCO’s, CPO’s and First Class Petty Officers and spouses regardless of branch of service) important understanding of business-talk and its objectives, so they can sell themselves in interviews and be an asset to their new company.  Steve Fisher, a retired Marine Colonel and head of MEA-West states, “As cultural fit becomes as important as job skills in hiring decisions, the lessons of this seminar are imperative.”

What the transitioning career military leader discovers in his job search is the number of qualified civilian competitors for the same job who have more practical job experience. The potential new boss may even be 10 years his junior.  We help you learn how to improve your job-finding odds when there may be as many as 300 other qualified applicants.

While the civilian executives respect you and appreciate your military service, they probably have little or no appreciation for the applicability of your training to their needs or how military experience applies directly to practical civilian work. It will be your job to translate how you can help your potential new employer make more profit; we show you how.

Business Career Transitioning Seminar helps you resolve these issues.