Welcome to the Business Career Transitioning Seminar (aka Business 101)

We teach transitioning and retired career military Officers and E-6 & above (to include SNCO’s, CPO’s and First Class Petty Officers and spouses regardless of branch of service) what they need to know about contemporary civilian business life: what it is like, where he will fit, and what skills are in demand. Our Business Career Transitioning Seminar is all about the world of for-profit business, how it works, expectations, organization, culture and your fit within it.

The competitive civilian business world needs your talent and experience so as to be more competitive in the world economy.  Business Career Transitioning Seminar provides you methods for better understanding of what you offer in the terms of what businesses need.  We will help you “nail” your interviews to get your first job and give you better chances of success in it.

We introduce you to the contemporary business world that has changed dramatically with its new technologies, social media, job security expectations, and new methods of marketing, manufacturing, and finance.  It is all different now in subtle and powerful ways. It is not the same business world the career veteran remembers prior to his service.

The retiring senior military leader will face a culture shock. What the transitioning veteran may discover in his job search is that the contemporaries in the civilian workforce of his target companies have little or no appreciation for his ability to apply the substantial training and leadership experiences he has endured.

After his deployment, one veteran said, “I felt like civilians just thought I was on one long camping trip.”  After all, some 95% of civilians have no connection whatsoever with the military, so their understanding of military culture comes from television news programs and movies. Is that a true depiction of what military life has been? Of course, your impression of civilian business leadership is wrongly influenced by the same media. Incorrect perceptions abound!

So if the civilian world does not understand the military world and the other way around, what are the anxieties former commissioned officers and senior enlisted personnel have about civilian business life? Are they as prepared for immersion into this new civilian business environment as adequately as the military had always prepared its leaders for new combat environments? No!

To quote a transitioning Colonel and pilot, “Entering civilian life is scarier to me than flying combat!” He was trained for combat, but not for civilian business. He was anticipating entering new situations without the best in scenario training or preparation. After taking the class, he then said, “This course took the ‘scary’ out.”

You will soon be crossing a new bridge into a fog of uncertainty over to the civilian side.  Are you prepared?

Business Career Transitioning Seminar identifies these problems for transitioning senior veterans:
• The career veteran is not fully trained in the skills, techniques or use of the job-finding tools needed for success in the civilian business world, regardless of a possible MBA earned while in the service.
• He is not schooled in the subtleties of the business environment or obscure perceptions that can sideline his career advancement.
• He is not trained in the business cultural sensitivity issues, especially as it relates to the customer.
• He does not know the dos and don’ts of company politics, expectations, or promotion paths.
• He does not know the importance of “amping down” or how to work in an environment that has no appreciation for his former military rank.
• He does not have training in the importance of customer centricity or the profit motive.

The transitioning military leader is simply not prepared by the military for his civilian business transition.  TRS and other programs offer valuable retirement information, but are light on the in-depth business career information covered in our Business Career Transitioning Seminar .  That is why we civilian business executives developed and teach this seminar as a transition event sponsored exclusively by Camp Pendleton’s Marine Executive Association-West and MCCS. It is conducted three times per year for four days for all Officers and E-6 & above from all US military services (to include SNCO’s, CPO’s and First Class Petty Officers, spouses and retirees) who are transitioning into business careers.

The Business Career Transitioning Seminar is offered at no charge because the career executives are volunteering all of their time to you in appreciation for the freedoms we have all enjoyed because of your career sacrifices.

We will help you learn to navigate the pathways to and in your new business environment.

Suggested attire is business casual.